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Fracking Explained

New Technology Fuel Of The Future, Underway

Alternative Fuels Folly Now Expensive Scam New Technology Makes 100 Year Supply of Gas – Oil from Abundant Shale, 34 States New Technology Fracking Information Compiled, Updates, Insights, Opinions and Conclusions By Experienced Researchers, Writers who claim no particular expertise in Oil or Investing. Directory of “Fracking”Site and Graphic Links,+ Best Videos. Copyright @ 2012 Jacobsen Publishing There is more ... Read More »

Understanding Fracking : Difference between conventional drilling and producing oil with fracking

Fracking 12 wells

Most people do not understand the difference between conventional drilling and producing oil with fracking. Here is our drawing that will help you understand the large difference. We are no longer searching for oil..and gas. We know where it is, in shale in 34 states.. The new development is that Fracking Technology allows you to release the oil and gas ... Read More »