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Definition – “Fracking” and Hydro Fracturing

Activists Attempting To Hamper “Fracking” As Dirty Word” and Development

Sounds Like Sexual Word After Environmental Activists “No Fracking Way” slogans and signs. So Journalists and Politicians Afraid To Use Correct word.

“Fracking” Most Important Invention of 21st Century, Resulting in Huge U.S. Boom…….Deserves Better…….

“Fracking” is an oil industry developed word and terminology used by the industry and government agencies since 1981 to describe the invention and discovery of the process to combine the “hydraulic Fracturing” invention of 1949 to force open shale cracks, with recent development of horizontal drilling.

This “FRACKING Invention””

Combing Hydraulic Fracturing of shale (and coal fields) with Horizontal Drilling to release gas and oil in commercial quantities.

It is actually expanded “hydraulic fracturing” shale and inserting sand to hold it open to release gas and oil from a few hundred feet of shale in vertical wells, to nearly a mile and a half of shale opened in horizontal method.

“This was a “game changing invention” a revolutionary development that has changed the “energy shortage” to “almost unlimited” access to produce oil and gas not only in the U.S. but around the world.

There are huge shale deposits all over the world, that were known to contain oil and gas but no economical way had been found to get it released and useable.

The invention and perfection of the “Fracking” process, has opened these global huge shale deposits to tapping and absolutely is changing a dire world energy situation to a confirmable 100 year supply, now known to be readily accessible.

Well drilling success had traditionally depended on hitting pools of oil. 80% of wells drilled were “dry holes”.

Drilling fracking wells in huge known shale areas, there are no “dry holes”, all succeed by going in with fracking and “releasing” the oil and gas from the shale.

The production limitation is now dependant almost totally on the number of wells drilled. No longer dependant on “luck” in finding oil.

The technology is constantly improving and a single fracking well now is typically as productive as four conventional drilling wells had been.

Underway are 10,000 new “Fracked” wells a year ” and will take five years in the U.S. to catch up to domestic demand for oil,Fracking had already supplied and caught up with U.S. gas shortage and did it in 5 years. Fracking has now finally been perfected for oil fracking, expected to do so for oil in the same time period. (or faster to catch the high price now prevalent)

United States Natural gas

U.S. Gas prices fallen over 50% in last 2 years alone as an abundance of fracking wells came on line.

U.S. Natural Gas was roughly $12 per thousand cubic feet in 2008. Now around $3.00 tcf today, primarily as a result of fracking.

Since the world demand for oil increases 2% annually and Fracking wonÂ?t catch up worldwide for ten years, (they are just learning “the how to” outside U.S.)

Oil prices, determined by the Global market, will necessarily remain high with the worldwide shortage yet for several years.

U.S. Can switch energy use to an almost unlimited available gas supply now, opened by fracking, and end the dependency on ever more expensive oil almost immediately.

Convert your auto to $1.50 a gallon natural gas and your home off expensive fuel oil, change to natural gas, and you stop all oil consumption.

Oil prices in U.S. will not drop until the world shortfall (will take years) is overcome.

“Fracking” is the ONLY word that accurately fits and describes and the invention and evolution of this revolutionary process.

It is important that the word “Fracking” not be downgraded to a “slang word” because of attacks by environmental activists use of the word with sexual overtones in their attempts to hamper the development of the process.

Fracking is the “game changer” word that will have one of the biggest effects on the world and U.S. in particular than any other invention in the 21st century.

No other word, invention or development even comes close.