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New Technology Fuel Of The Future, Underway

Alternative Fuels Folly Now Expensive Scam

New Technology Makes 100 Year Supply of Gas – Oil from Abundant Shale, 34 States

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There is more then 100 years reserve of Gas and Oil in U.S. Shale Deposits, now Unlocked by new “Fracking Technology”.

U.S. has Second largest shale deposits in the world. 5 Years of the new “Fracking” shale, gas production has Made U.S. number one (2010)Now Largest Gas Producer in the World.

Almost unlimited supply. Dropped gas prices from 15.00 high to $2.20 cents today. U.S. is Changing gas Import Docks to Exporting Natural gas. Currently $13.00 Europe, $18.00 Asia.

Energy Will Soon Become number one U.S. Export, changing balance of imports to exports.

Technology Recently Advanced To Be Able To Do Same For Oil and Is Now Underway.

We tell you about it…….and include over 200 Links and Videos so you can verify Sources everywhere.

New Oil from “Fracking Shale Farm” Drilling Technology that has come online already has cut imports from over 60% imports, to U.S. exported more oil last year then it imported. see 2011 U.S. Net Oil exporter…..USA Today….source.

Politicians are pretending this is not happening and all changes in imports and positive effects have been because they were in power.

Public Needs To Be Made Aware of Huge Shale Reserves and New Technology, (invention) Fracking.

Politicians claim U.S. Reserves Almost Gone, Mandating Expensive not workable Alternative Energy they are pushing is totally enconmically unfeasable and is total government boon doogle.

Politicians Ignore New shale Developments, and get away with this “Alternative fuels folly” with tax payer money because the public is not aware.

Here is a Government supplied map of Shale deposits in U.S. (34 States) All now “Farmable” to recover huge amounts of oil and gas, and is already happening.

Lower 48 states shale plays

Lower 48 states shale plays

If you have any land in any of those shale areas, fracking technology may eventually make you rich. The land owner typically gets a check for leasing drilling rights and then shares in production. That part seems to run 8 to 12% or more. Many farmers in many states (often in poor areas) are already multi millionaires, from fracking well farms on their property. Biggest one I have heard of is $30 million so far.

Politicians are telling you that U.S. is running out of oil, and gas, referred to as fossil fuels. They claim it is the fuel of the past. That Wind and Solar they are financing with tax payer money is the future. None of the wind or solar $300 Billion subsidy operations can operate without huge continued taxpayer subsidys, five times as expensive as fossil fuels. Wind and Solar only replace oil used to generate electricity for which oil is only about 2%.

Ever try to fuel your car with solar or wind?

Here is the graph we got off the White House site they are showing that says U.S. has almost no reserves.

World OIl Reserves by Country. Who has the oil?

World OIl Reserves by Country. Who has the oil?

This above graph is from the white house site that supposedly shows low oil reserves for the U.S.

These figures are from years ago and totally ignores shale reserves that are large enough (you just saw the map, that fracking has opened up to production. )to supply 100 years worth of U.S. energy needs at the current rate.

They believe the public is unaware of the huge boom Fracking shale on private land has happened.

This opening up access to oil and gas from shale means the U.S. consumers now have a hundred year supply of oil and gas accessable and they know the public is basically unaware of this also.

We are attempting to fix that with an education on whats really happening with oil and gas you can send your friends.

We print our conclusions and include links to hundreds of articles, graphics and videos on the subject to help you become fully informed and able to spread this information to your friends.

Every fracking farm well is a producer. Conventional wells til now, 80% were dry holes, produced nothing.

U.S. Uses 20 % of worlds energy, and they do not show you that we are currently second largest producer in the world and are rapidly increasing with 15,000 fracking wells coming on line annually on shale.

Fracking put U.S. surpassing Russia on Gas in 2010 and will soon surpass on total energy as Oil fracking gets up to speed.

Continue reading here to learn about the Difference between conventional drilling and producing oil with fracking.


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