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Exporting Oil and Gas, The New U.S. High Revenue World Changer, Started 2011- Ongoing.

Public Unaware of U.S. Energy Status, Politics Involved In Confusing Stories.

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In 2011 U.S. Oil demand dropped due to the economy and high gas prices, and for the first time in 60 years, production up considerably primarily on private land with new techniques.

All this despite an essential shut down of expansion of drilling on Federal land, (now since 3 years ago).

U.S. Has Been Exporting more petroleum products then imported.

This is pertoluem products like gasoline, diesel etc. Crude it still imported but now down from 60% imported to under 47% and dropping rapidly as more new fracking wells come on line from private land in ND and Texas as well as many other states. (34 states with tappable shale)

Reported by USA Today, and CNN. Time magazine, now confirms exports continuing and U.S. oil and gas exports began in 2011 are even expanding in 2012.

New U.S. Top Export: Oil

New U.S. Top Export: Oil

U.S Employment: Oil and Gas Extraction

U.S Employment: Oil and Gas Extraction

The public is almost totally unaware of what’s going on here and what it means.

The public needs to be Informed on these matters.

  • Invention and recent perfection of System to extract oil and gas from long known abundant huge U.S. Deposits of shale in 34 states.
  • Only a small part of the available U.S. Shale oil and gas has been fully tested but consensus is over a hundred years worthof oil and gas recoverable with fracking method alone.
  • Drilling a “fracking well” in oil shale, there are no dry holes, (no failures) with fracking every well produces after being “fracked”.
  • A fracked well “farms” or recovers about 60 acres of shale oil and produces usually between 50 to 4,000 barrels of oil a day.
  • It is not necessary to have oil rigs everywhere. Two wellheads a half mile a part can tap one square mile of shale with 12 wells and leave only the 2 central pipe heads left showing.
  • It will take over 25 years of drilling to tap just the known U.S. shale deposits. These shale oil field employees have long term jobs as long as oil prices world wide stay above $60 to $70.00
  • U.S. Has the second largest acreage of of shale deposits in the world. Located in 34 States of U.S.
  • Fracking technique was perfected and used primarily on gas wells, has only recently been perfected and extensively moved to oil. Oil production will soon explode in volume as these wells now being drilled in quantity start coming on line.
  • Simple original “vertical well” Fracking was invented in 1949. Used extensively since 83 and has done to date *including horizontal over 800,000 fracked wells to date.
  • Big break thru came only a few years ago when with experimenting combining fracking with the newly developed ability to turn drilling horizontal at any depth.
  • Instead of being able to only frack, (crack shale rock and hold cracks open for oil and gas to escape) the thickness of the shale layer top to bottom, that the vertical pipe passed thru, now piping up to a mile and a half long horizontal in the shale could be “fracked”.
  • Production was opened up to tap shale that was non productive before. Now greatly increased production. Therefore total production of oil and gas now is primarily limited by the number of wells that can be drilled, though greater efficiency is being obtained and greater output gained each year with new developments.
  • Natural gas wells fracked in Texas and several other more eastern states like Pennsylvania and ohio, and in five years, of fracked wells coming online, increased natural gas production so much gas prices dropped from a high of $15.00 and imported to $2.50 and exported.
  • The same process is underway nationally moving now to fracking oil shale with a large number of this new type of oil wells on private land.
  • If Federal land (70% of shale is on Federal land) is again opened fully to drilling, the production would increase so much starting in five years that imports would soon cease. Currently fracking is primarily on private land, that the government can not stop.
  • Environmentalists are attempting to get the EPA to issue an order to stop all fracking for a year or two while they have the EPA examine whether water pollution is being affected. Despite 800,000 wells fracked in last 60 years with no problem, to them is of no consequence. Stopping use of fossil fuel is the goal.
  • Was well underway when election exposure made that become politically no longer feasable until after the November election because of the uproar over the delay in XL Keystone pipeline for the environmentalists. The public must be aware of the picture here, and if fully informed of whats going down here this would be too hot a political potato to dare to mess with.

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