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U.S. Turns Out a 2011 Net Petroleum Exporter

Production Up From Shale, High World Pump Price Cuts Demand, 3 Refineries Quit,

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Refinery’s Unprofitable With EPA Boutique Blends Requirements etc. No New Refineries since 76. Some Survive Refining For Export.
Global oil supplier

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The administration should suspend the Tier 3 gasoline standards, which is expected to add another 25 cents to oil prices.

The boutique summer blends, that go into effect June 1, always raise refining costs and nationwide EPA requires 20 different types are required and raise refining costs. so summer gas prices are always higher.

Some refineries shut down for several months because they can not operate profitably. 3 in the east went out of business, recently, had lost billions and had no buyer interest. Results in higher shipping costs from refineries still in business.

Gasoline: The new big U.S. export


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