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Home » News » White House Site, Huge Energy Hypocrisy ,Takes Credit for Things Happening He Actually Worked Diligently Against : Drilling

White House Site, Huge Energy Hypocrisy ,Takes Credit for Things Happening He Actually Worked Diligently Against : Drilling

White house Talks Cheap Gas: Policy’s Opposite

White House Site Gasoline Prices Page Attempts to Clear Price Blame

Takes Credit for Drilling Boom On Private Land They Opposed.

Takes Credit for Things Happening He Actually Worked Diligently Against.

    • Graph correctly claims…..Oil Production In U.S. is up during his administration. FACTS:
      First 30 Months Oil Production Up from permits issued by Bush coming on line. due to 30 month Lag. When Obama slowed or stopped Federal Land Drilling with bans and restrictions, drillers all moved to private land Using new technology “fracking” just coming on. Huge Increase in U.S. Oil production is from private land move to Fracking by drillers, Federal Land Obama controls and restricted production on production is now way down.

  • Claims with graph showing number of Oil rigs is highest ever. Drillers locked out of Federal Land drilling moved when Bush Permitted wells all came on line they moved to private land where drilling was not restricted and developed huge boom continuing and exploding today
  • Claims the oil imports have dropped considerably under his administration.
    Prices have risen from taking office, $1.89 risen sharply each year since he took office and now at over $4. This has cut consumption considerably, and the huge oil production boom from 8,000 wells a year being drilled on private shale land using fracking. If Federal land were reopened to drilling all imports could be ended in four years. This Improvement has happened despite Obamas actions, again not because of them.
  • Claims with a graph that U.S. has tiny reserves and uses Huge amount of oil annually and no amount of drilling will solve this.
    Proved Oil Reserves

    Proved Oil Reserves

     Fact, Shale reserves now being drilled alone have 40 times the reserves he lists, U.S. now has the largest oil and gas reserves in the world. In five years drillers unrestricted on private land cut gas from shortage to 100 year supply.


    The Oil Scarcity Myth

    The Oil Scarcity Myth

  • Claims U.S. now has increased gas production, in his administration, the second best in history.Fact, Administration Restricted Fracking and Natural Gas drilling on federal land where 70% of U.S. shale exists. Drillers moved to private land and did so much production dropped gas prices from 15.00 to $2.27, a boom for U.S. Industry. Went from Imports to a 100 Year supply, exporting. All by unrestricted drilling on just private land, drilling which he claims on the White House Site will not solve anything.
  • Claims his actions for industry’s such as steel improved employment.Fact: Drilling boom has created 3 Million new high pay jobs, and spurned come back for steel and other supporting industrys such as making over 30,000 miles annually of drilling and pipe line pipe. Unemployment in ND 3% and many areas of ten other states fracking wells on private land.



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