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What is fracking?

Fracking definition and what its effect in economy.

Watch U.S. Oil-Gas (Gold) Rush Take Off with. Peak Start Up of 12,000 New Fracking Wells Annually.

Huge Oil & Gas Boom Underway and is already actually happening….as you can see here and. its effect will become aware to most by end of 2014.

Millions of new jobs, a deficit drop without new taxes… It is coming….Summer of 14……

Need wait only a short time to see the effects of this amazing technological turn around……for the country..

Some of the poorest rural areas in the U.S. will experience this boom. It will be Igniting a new boom into U.S. History..

This will bring on a rebirth of the American Energy Industry.

This Is a HORIZONTAL Drilling and FRACKING Boom,

An enormous growth of U.S. wealth and prosperity….. has started and is underway.

Equaling the effect on U.S. of the national railroad boom, and like the Internet boom, it will change lives…..

The existence of this resource… what is called tight gas and oil deposits, considered commercially impossible to develop, have been known for years.

The U.S. has long been known to have huge amounts and deposits of low level oil and gas but no practical way to harvest it.

The Bakken oil shale area in North Dakota for example has enough oil to run the entire country for 20 years. They have just started to tap it with this new technology. Production in just North Dakota with fracking over a wide area has just surpassed oil production of both California and Alaska production.

There are these shale deposits all over the U.S. now being opened. Fracking has in 5 years changed gas from importing to a U.S. export and dropped gas prices form $15.00 to $2.25.

Hydro “fracking” technologies which we are explaining here were discovered much earlier but not perfected until a few years ago in the Barnett Shale of Texas, and using the new technique of horizontal drilling in combination. Applied later in The Fayetteville shale of North Central Arkansas and the Haynesville shale of north Louisiana, as well as the Marcellus shale in the appalachians, and Pennsylvania, all now producing.

Look at these U.S. Shale maps, right column, a directory of shale maps and graphics on the net with associated articles to help you research and verify what we are telling you.

Taking 5 years or more to get a field to production, many are just starting to produce this year.

Massive secure sources of oil, are being developed, soon U.S. will no more be the victim of OPEC pricing.

We are expected to and U.S. will certainly in time become an energy exporter.
Already drastically effected with a huge drop in the pricing of natural gas.

Bakken Oil Shale, one of the first to be exploited, located in remote western North Dakota, has lowered unemployment state wide to 3%. One county with less then 1% unemployment.

The State tax revenue has increased so much they have a budget surplus.

Adjacent states have a boom in silca sand mining and trucking to supply the sand needed in fracking wells.

A new era of prosperity will spread nationwide for all, your expensive commute will cost less, grocery bills will go down with lower nitrogen fertilizer costs, (made from petroleum) it will cost less to travel, and transfer goods.

This technological development is a combination of becoming able to do horizontal drilling and a method of fracking the shale to release gas and oil. It is being technically improved each year. North Dakota wells are each producing 25% more then last year in addition to increase in number.

Holes are developed in the horizontal pipes and the already fractured shale cracks are spread using hydraulic pressure, “fracking” up to 9,000 pounds psi, and sand moved in to hold the fractures open so gas can be released.

Well production will drop over time and it can be re-pressured to some degree to reopen cracks. In Pennsylvania, the present layer of Marcellus shale used is relatively close to the surface compared to the Utica layer far below that is more laden and can be tapped when the present more readily available shale level is tapped out.

This hydraulic fracturing of huge areas by each well, with horizontal drilling in many directions is what allows enough energy to get out to be commercially viable. This is much more labor intensive and difficult then just drilling traditional wells.

This fracking technique making this possible will put many more people to work then conventional oil production.

It means much more piping, and application of silica sand, water and chemicals that have to be trucked in.

Previous traditional drilling tapped only the gas available at the straight down drill pipe.

Production expected to exceed all U.S. Energy production ever, and beat out the previous all time high by 2016.

“Fracking”: is it a dirty word?

"Fracking": is it a dirty word?

To See graphic on originating page and read CBS Fracking Article go here.

The industry has used the word “Fracking” to describe this “invention” technique and operation since 1981 and it quite adequately describes what it is.

The activists and environmentalists, stop any progress by whatever means, have picked it up from some prior uses and made it a word with negative connotations, so much so that journalists and politicians can not even comfortably use it to describe what it is they are talking about. They have to coin words. The Industry takes no steps to defend the word fracking, and wish it would just go away, after all the negatives from the activists, they wish they never again hear the word.

Search Google for “Fracking” and there will be 9 activist attacks and blogs using the word “Fracking” for every site promoting the strengths and wonder of the whole phenomenon that is turning the economy and the energy short fall around.

We think “Fracking” is one of the great inventions of all time to revolutionize the Country, and just at the right time, of its biggest need. ….and that it will go down in history as exactly that.

Look back at history and you will find there was a ground swell of activists that tried all sorts of actions to stop telegraph poles across the country, When the railroad boom to cross the country with tracks developed, history shows they were out in numbers to try and stop it. Same with trying to stop automobiles and a highway system. This is no surprise.

However, fracking has already gotten so big and important to the economy, now perfected, better to prevent accidents (you can not drill 10,000 wells a year without some accidents) that “fracking” is here to stay.

*Fracked Wells Instrumental in Lowering Oil Import Deficit from 60%, down to 45%.

New York environmentalists stopped Fracking with government delays and New York is now trying to get “Fracking boom back in New York. New York lost billions.

Too late, the other states have already over flooded the market with gas and additional wells will likely not be drilled now until natural gas prices get back up, when geared up with gas loading facilitys and heavy exports start.

Shale gas “fracking” wells coming on have resulted in a 54% drop in natural gas price in less then a year and will likely produce a further drop when even larger numbers of more wells come on line.

This will mean a tremendous improvement\ for the economy, not only in reducing heating bills. It will mean much lower costs for industry, and making the U.S. much more competitive in production. (U.S. currently $2.57, Europe 13,00, China 18.00, Japan $20.00. )

This will be one of the greatest nationwide wealth creators ever and spread over much of the nation. Now already in development in 36 states.

Land lease fees are being signed up for and paid in areas that may not be in production for years.

This new found oil rush….wealth is happening right now, it is….indeed….a super national power builder and is an equivalent of the “gold rush” of prior years.

This oil and gas production boom will be a game changer on national policies. Wind and Solar power cost 5 times as much as gas produced electricity before the over 50% drop in gas prices, which means it is now ten times as expensive per kilowatt. Expect further drops in gas prices.

Wind – Solar subsidies and battery operated cars, propped up at $7,500 each were being subsidized to make us less dependent on energy from foreign sources. We will now no longer be dependent on imported energy within a relatively short time. When this reality sets in, and the public becomes aware, look for all of these green subsidies and industries to disappear.

We have been dependent on imports for as much as 2/3 of our energy needs. We are already now below half and heading for total energy independence.

u.s. dependence on foreign oil

shells plans

This new technology, is a total world game changer.
We hope you have gotten an understanding of a new technological development that will indeed create a boom.